Wednesday, July 13, 2011


One week.
One week.
One week.
One week.
One week.

Well, one week until I get to go home. Home to Oklahoma. Home to my family.
I am beyond excited.
I still feel I have lots to do though.
I need to:
-finish cleaning
-finish up homework for my classes
-study for finals
-pack the rest of my stuff
-get my oil in my car changed
and enjoy hanging out with friends.

I have learned a lot this semester. It's been great learning new things and things I should have already known. The weather's been great. And this semester has gone by super fast, but it's been great as well. Life is such a journey, and I love it.

As One Republic would say, "This has gotta be the good life!"

Welp, catch ya later.

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  1. Hey! I came across your blog and I just had to comment because I LOVE "Good Life" is my summer song for sure and makes any bad day better. Cute blog :)