Sunday, September 9, 2012

tender moments and passion

Hi my lovlies.

So, recently I've been super sensitive and wanna cry at like every tender thing I see. 
I don't know if it's because I moved to Utah and the mountain air messing with me, or if I'm becoming one of "those girls". Let me just give you a couple examples as to what I'm talking about.

1. I went to the Brigham City Temple open house with some friends. As we were walking through, like obvis I teared up a little because I was in the temple and I felt the spirit. BUT, when I was driving on the way home, I noticed another temple in the distance and I started to cry.... like who cries when you LOOK at a temple? I mean yeah, they are gorgeous and it's the house of the Lord, but come on..just looking at them should not make you wanna cry. Weird.

2. So, my major is Elementary Education and I'm taking this Foundations of Education class. It's two and a half hours long and my professor is a lawyer who loves to talk, especially about politics and other things that prestigious lawyers love talking about. (I'm totes not bagging on lawyers by the brother in law is one, and he's probs one of the coolest people I know) Anyways, after about an hour in, into the first class I knew this class was going to be long and one I would have to fight through. Well, class proceeded and my professor asked everyone to tell the class their name and why they decided to be an Elementary Ed major. I was the second girl to go and I said my name and then when I started to tell my reason as to why I want to teach and I was done. Then, I started thinking about why I actually wanted to teach more and more. As the other girls were saying their names and why they want to teach, I just couldn't help but tear up because all of their reasons were similar to my reasons and that I just can't wait to have my own classroom and have these little kids relying on me to teach them what they need to know and see them be proud of themselves and watch them grow and progress into our future leaders of America. Too cheesy?..well, like I obvis don't care because I literally am so excited to teach.

I AM THAT GIRL. You know, the girl in class, or where ever the heck she is,  when she starts talking about something that means a lot to her, she starts to cry. I couldn't believe..and still can't believe that this is happening. Like maybs, it's just a stage I'm going through and I'll soon grow out of it. Let's hope so, because I do not want to go through life crying at every little dang thing. Like, what if I have a little girl and we are on a walk in the park and she picks me a flower and says, "I picked this flower for you mommy!" and even if it's just a dandelion, I start to cry, because I'll think that it was the sweetest thing. OMG. Let's only hope it's a stage.

Anyways..moving on.
Also, bare with me. I swear I'm almost done.
It's chill.

So, I read this cute blog post yesterday and I liked it, so naturally I'm gonna tell y'all about it.
This girl says how college is a major point in our lives. It really is. It's where we decide things that are going to affect the rest of our lives.........
Uh, so I don't know about you, but it scares me to think that me, my 20 year old self is going to make decisions that are going to stick with me for the rest of my life. Hot dang, that's cray.
But listen, I'm totally okay with that because;
1. I know that my Heavenly Father is with me 100% of the way, and that He will not lead me astray.
2. I have some pretty amazing parents who are here to council and guide me. And believe me, they are pretty good at knowing what is best for me..even if I don't think so at the moment. And they are my best supporters.

This girl said, "Do what you want, figure it out. Then once you are happy, you can make other people happy; once you find your whole self you can give your heart to someone else."
So, I just need to relax and find what I really want to be and what I want out of life. I think it's important to find your passion and what makes you happy and stick with it. 
Of course there are going to be things that make us happy temporarily, but you have to look deeper and find those eternal joys that will make you happy forever!
Eternal joys. That's what is most important.

Well, I think it's time to wrap this up.
I love you lover doves and I hope your lives are full of passion and joy.
And if you aren't there yet, it'll come.
Heavenly Father is good, so good, and He will help you through anything you are facing. 
(even if it's crying at every little tender moment that happens in your life)
But hey, pay attention to the small and simple things in life, like the stars or flowers.
Laugh at yourself.
Don't be afraid to try new things.
Go out of your way to say hi to someone..or maybs even your crush (yeah, I went there)
Have 20 seconds of some crazy insane courage. (this one is fun, I promise)
And remember to always call upon the Lord, because He will never let you down.

Y'all are amazing. Have a great week!


Sunday, July 22, 2012


So, awhile ago I my friend, Brittany (she's adorbs..check her blog out by clicking her name), posted on her blog a list of "secrets" about herself that you wouldn't normally know about her.
 I thought it was super cute, so I decided to start thinking of some secrets of my own that people may not know about me. 
I made a list of 53 things. I don't really know why it's 53, but it's whatevs. They're totes random, so 
you'll see how scatter brained I can be.

You might get bored with reading them by like #2, but I mean here they are:

1. I check behind shower curtain every time I go to the bathroom.

2. I eat way too many oreos than I should. So if you happen to be by me when I'm eating them, take away the package after like 1...or 12. It's fine.

3. I love painting my fingernails. But they don't last that long because I pick the polish that leads to painting them again. It's just an ongoing cycle. 

4. I give hugs a lot. I'm a hugger.

5. I sing super loud in the car. And even add in my own dance moves. Mostly when I'm alone.

6. I love giving talks or teaching, but only if the subject is my choice.

7. Rocking a tired baby to sleep is honestly the best. You get to nap with them too. They are just so warm and cuddly.

8. I can't wait to be a wife...

9. I build a barricade of pillows on the side of the bed I don't sleep on. I just feel more protected. 

10. I'm shy when I meet someone new, but once I get warmed up to them, I'm way fun/weird/awkward. 

11. I'm terrified to go on dates with someone I don't know that well. I don't know why. It honestly takes all of me to go. Probs cause I'm scared of boys sometimes..

12. I have OCD with my putting mascara on my eyelashes. They have to be a certain way.

13. So, every time I watched The Hills (it's a tv show), I always pretended like I was Lauren Conrad's friend. Also, when I watch Pretty Little Liars, I pretend to be the group of girls' friend too. After the show I get kind of sad that I have to live in reality and not a mystery show where the girls always dress super cute for school and always have something exciting and adventurous going on. 

14. I still play dress up. But not with costumes. I just like to try different outfits on and be creative. 

15. When I get scared, I laugh. And I get this rush like I could run as fast as Usain Bolt. But seriously.

16. I honestly love running. But I hate being timed for it. I just like to run for myself.

17. I could fall asleep to a thunder-rainstorm every night. 

18. I did the morning announcements for my high school my senior year. "Good morning Yukon! This is Lizzie.."

19. I was in student council ever since the 7th grade. I loved being involved. I planned every pep assembly my senior year.

20. I think growing up is hard. 

21. I've never broken a bone. Ever. (knock on wood)

22. I can touch my elbows behind my back. 

23. I used to eat mayonnaise and cheese sandwiches. Mayonnaise, cheese, and bread. I don't know why. I loved it.

24. I could watch Cupcake Wars all day. 

25. I'm a simple eater. Like just ketchup on my hamburger simple..but I'm becoming more adventurous.

26. I love when my hair is curled. 

27. I've never ridden a ferris wheel. 

28. I once went 5 months without shaving my legs. Yeah.......

29. I love the beach. More than the mountains. I could spend forever living by the beach. No problem. 

30. My favorite animal is probably a meerkat, but I'm starting to dig cheetahs. 

31. I like to play all sports. I just love sports a lot. 

32. I'm competitive. I'm always up for a challenge. Any sport, or in anything really. 

33. I love country music. 

34. I love to dance. But not like core-graphed dancing. Just random and ridiculous dancing. And mostly by myself (otherwise people make fun of me..or join right in) 

35. I love wearing cowboy boots. I also love wearing norts and oversized tees. 

36. I think wedges and heels are actually comfortable. 

37. I like to fish. But I'm scared to hold the fish.

38. I hate spiders.

39. I had red hair up until I was like three, then it turned blonde.

40. I've been told I can do a mean Grinch if you're lucky you might hear it one day.

41. I love watching college football and NBA basketball games. 

42. I probably laugh at my jokes more than anyone else. Actually, I probs just laugh more than anyone in general. I just love laughing.. A lot.

43. I'm obsessed with sunsets, the moon, contrails, and the stars. I could honestly tell you how pretty they are all day. 

44. I've never really had a pet dog. 

45. I wish I could play the piano super good. I also wish I could speak Spanish or Italian fluently. 

46. I love taking naps. And that's an understatement.

47. My toenails are always painted. 

48. I love doing crafts.

49. I could play soccer at any time. You wanna play a pick up game or just pass around? I'm in.

50. Sometimes I think I care too much about people/things more than they do for me (if that makes sense). But, then I think, isn't that what's life's about..just showing love and care for people. I mean, life's short, why not show people that you really care for them. Make the most out of life. 

51. I'm a huge hopeless romantic. I believe in love. True, passionate, crazy-cute love. 

52. I secretly love surprises. I like being surprised and I like it even better to surprise people.

53. I absolutely love when people play with my hair.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Oh my goodness, HI!

So, I told you I would keep you updated on my crafts I make...
Well, I made one..tonight!
Woot woot!

I had a coral canvas that I really wanted to glitter up. 
I saw this super cute blue canvas that was gold chevroned on Pinterest and just had to try it...but in coral and a brownish glitter.

I totes took pics step by step to show how I did it..not like it's that hard, but pictures are always a plus.

(sorry about some of the lighting, I swear the colors look super cute in person)

Step 1: Paint a canvas any color you wish.

Step 2: Tape off the chevron pattern however thick you want it. (I used a ruler to make sure the spaces were the same length apart, but by the end, I just started to eye it)

(told you the lighting was off, but I swear it's the same color)

Step 3: Put the glitter on, after painting the area you want glittered, or you could use ModPodge if you wanted. (On some parts, I spread the glitter with my finger..just lightly though so it wouldn't get too thin)

Step 4: Peel off the tape slowly. (Before I peel the tape off, I sprayed the whole canvas with hairspray to give the glitter a little more stay on the worked well)

(again, the lighting is's more coral in person)

it's the finished product!!

I had such a fun time with this craft! It adds the perfect amount of glitter to your walls. 

Y'all should try it, then take a picture of yours and show me your gorgeous pieces of artwork!

Until next time..


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

high on summertime

Hi lover doves!

I'm back!
Ain't this just a treat?

Well, it's finally summer time. Last summer I spent it in Rexburg going to school. Now I am home and get to enjoy summer with the family!...Oh and do some work too. I am going to be a counselor for a teen camp. The teens do community service around the community, such as going to the food bank and filling in orders and other things like that, and we get to go on field trips on Thursdays! That's about all I know so far. Oh, and I get Fridays off. So I'm pretty excited about that. 

Right when I got home, my boss called me in to have a meeting with her. I was expecting her to tell me about my job starting in June and giving me all the deets about it, but to my surprise she asked me to fill in at an elementary, supervising Pre-K and Kindergarteners..and I was going to start 2 days later. That was shocking. I was expecting to have the month of May to myself. Crafting with my sis, laying out, sleeping in...but nope. Change of plans. Let me just say, I have loved working there with those little kiddies. They are super energetic, but they just love their teacher. I got so many hugs and "I love you's". Never went a day without lovin' those kids. 

I cannot wait to teach. I think I am leaning toward 1st or 2nd grade. I can already see the rewards being a teacher is going to be. I will get to be with my kids every day to watch them grow and encourage them on their way. I think seeing a child progress and really knowing that they are capable of so much than they think is the best feeling ever. Seeing them get excited over the littlest things is so humbling.

Here are a few of my kiddies...

They are a bunch of crazies, but I loved being their teacher.

Now that that job is over, all I wanna do it craft all daaaaaay, and lay out.
I'll totes keep y'all updated on all my crafties I make. 

I am going back to school in August and will be living in a town home with these lovely babes...

I am totes excited.
Y'all can come visit anytime. We have a basement and a living room. Eeee :)

Okay, this is probs boring you and not even important, but last thing I promise..

I went to Thunder alley Monday night, (a huge gathering of those who didn't have tickets to get in to the actual Thunder game, so they just broadcasted it on a huge screen right outside the area. There was about 2,000 people there..outside....short fun fact about me...I absolutely hate large scares me and makes me nervous..) anyyyways..I went with my cousin and a few friends and needless to say we had fun..and it was quite the experience. 7 girls, making a chain through a massive crowd of strangers, only to end up sitting on a patch of grass with a not so great view. Oh well, it's all about the experience and atmosphere right? Anyways, we took pics (of course)...

It's been a fun week, and it's only Wednesday.

Anyways, thanks for listening to me rant on about my oh so exciting life. Ha. 


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long time, no blog.

Hello my lovelies!

It has been too long since I have blogged. I've kept up reading some of y'alls post every once in awhile, I just haven't had the chance to update mine!

Well, I probably could tell you some sweet, interesting stories..I mean I do live in Utah now!
But, it's late and I should probably get to bed.
So, I'll leave you with a quote..(my obsession is still there)..

Don't forget to pray.