Wednesday, May 23, 2012

high on summertime

Hi lover doves!

I'm back!
Ain't this just a treat?

Well, it's finally summer time. Last summer I spent it in Rexburg going to school. Now I am home and get to enjoy summer with the family!...Oh and do some work too. I am going to be a counselor for a teen camp. The teens do community service around the community, such as going to the food bank and filling in orders and other things like that, and we get to go on field trips on Thursdays! That's about all I know so far. Oh, and I get Fridays off. So I'm pretty excited about that. 

Right when I got home, my boss called me in to have a meeting with her. I was expecting her to tell me about my job starting in June and giving me all the deets about it, but to my surprise she asked me to fill in at an elementary, supervising Pre-K and Kindergarteners..and I was going to start 2 days later. That was shocking. I was expecting to have the month of May to myself. Crafting with my sis, laying out, sleeping in...but nope. Change of plans. Let me just say, I have loved working there with those little kiddies. They are super energetic, but they just love their teacher. I got so many hugs and "I love you's". Never went a day without lovin' those kids. 

I cannot wait to teach. I think I am leaning toward 1st or 2nd grade. I can already see the rewards being a teacher is going to be. I will get to be with my kids every day to watch them grow and encourage them on their way. I think seeing a child progress and really knowing that they are capable of so much than they think is the best feeling ever. Seeing them get excited over the littlest things is so humbling.

Here are a few of my kiddies...

They are a bunch of crazies, but I loved being their teacher.

Now that that job is over, all I wanna do it craft all daaaaaay, and lay out.
I'll totes keep y'all updated on all my crafties I make. 

I am going back to school in August and will be living in a town home with these lovely babes...

I am totes excited.
Y'all can come visit anytime. We have a basement and a living room. Eeee :)

Okay, this is probs boring you and not even important, but last thing I promise..

I went to Thunder alley Monday night, (a huge gathering of those who didn't have tickets to get in to the actual Thunder game, so they just broadcasted it on a huge screen right outside the area. There was about 2,000 people there..outside....short fun fact about me...I absolutely hate large scares me and makes me nervous..) anyyyways..I went with my cousin and a few friends and needless to say we had fun..and it was quite the experience. 7 girls, making a chain through a massive crowd of strangers, only to end up sitting on a patch of grass with a not so great view. Oh well, it's all about the experience and atmosphere right? Anyways, we took pics (of course)...

It's been a fun week, and it's only Wednesday.

Anyways, thanks for listening to me rant on about my oh so exciting life. Ha. 


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