Thursday, May 24, 2012


Oh my goodness, HI!

So, I told you I would keep you updated on my crafts I make...
Well, I made one..tonight!
Woot woot!

I had a coral canvas that I really wanted to glitter up. 
I saw this super cute blue canvas that was gold chevroned on Pinterest and just had to try it...but in coral and a brownish glitter.

I totes took pics step by step to show how I did it..not like it's that hard, but pictures are always a plus.

(sorry about some of the lighting, I swear the colors look super cute in person)

Step 1: Paint a canvas any color you wish.

Step 2: Tape off the chevron pattern however thick you want it. (I used a ruler to make sure the spaces were the same length apart, but by the end, I just started to eye it)

(told you the lighting was off, but I swear it's the same color)

Step 3: Put the glitter on, after painting the area you want glittered, or you could use ModPodge if you wanted. (On some parts, I spread the glitter with my finger..just lightly though so it wouldn't get too thin)

Step 4: Peel off the tape slowly. (Before I peel the tape off, I sprayed the whole canvas with hairspray to give the glitter a little more stay on the worked well)

(again, the lighting is's more coral in person)

it's the finished product!!

I had such a fun time with this craft! It adds the perfect amount of glitter to your walls. 

Y'all should try it, then take a picture of yours and show me your gorgeous pieces of artwork!

Until next time..


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