Sunday, July 22, 2012


So, awhile ago I my friend, Brittany (she's adorbs..check her blog out by clicking her name), posted on her blog a list of "secrets" about herself that you wouldn't normally know about her.
 I thought it was super cute, so I decided to start thinking of some secrets of my own that people may not know about me. 
I made a list of 53 things. I don't really know why it's 53, but it's whatevs. They're totes random, so 
you'll see how scatter brained I can be.

You might get bored with reading them by like #2, but I mean here they are:

1. I check behind shower curtain every time I go to the bathroom.

2. I eat way too many oreos than I should. So if you happen to be by me when I'm eating them, take away the package after like 1...or 12. It's fine.

3. I love painting my fingernails. But they don't last that long because I pick the polish that leads to painting them again. It's just an ongoing cycle. 

4. I give hugs a lot. I'm a hugger.

5. I sing super loud in the car. And even add in my own dance moves. Mostly when I'm alone.

6. I love giving talks or teaching, but only if the subject is my choice.

7. Rocking a tired baby to sleep is honestly the best. You get to nap with them too. They are just so warm and cuddly.

8. I can't wait to be a wife...

9. I build a barricade of pillows on the side of the bed I don't sleep on. I just feel more protected. 

10. I'm shy when I meet someone new, but once I get warmed up to them, I'm way fun/weird/awkward. 

11. I'm terrified to go on dates with someone I don't know that well. I don't know why. It honestly takes all of me to go. Probs cause I'm scared of boys sometimes..

12. I have OCD with my putting mascara on my eyelashes. They have to be a certain way.

13. So, every time I watched The Hills (it's a tv show), I always pretended like I was Lauren Conrad's friend. Also, when I watch Pretty Little Liars, I pretend to be the group of girls' friend too. After the show I get kind of sad that I have to live in reality and not a mystery show where the girls always dress super cute for school and always have something exciting and adventurous going on. 

14. I still play dress up. But not with costumes. I just like to try different outfits on and be creative. 

15. When I get scared, I laugh. And I get this rush like I could run as fast as Usain Bolt. But seriously.

16. I honestly love running. But I hate being timed for it. I just like to run for myself.

17. I could fall asleep to a thunder-rainstorm every night. 

18. I did the morning announcements for my high school my senior year. "Good morning Yukon! This is Lizzie.."

19. I was in student council ever since the 7th grade. I loved being involved. I planned every pep assembly my senior year.

20. I think growing up is hard. 

21. I've never broken a bone. Ever. (knock on wood)

22. I can touch my elbows behind my back. 

23. I used to eat mayonnaise and cheese sandwiches. Mayonnaise, cheese, and bread. I don't know why. I loved it.

24. I could watch Cupcake Wars all day. 

25. I'm a simple eater. Like just ketchup on my hamburger simple..but I'm becoming more adventurous.

26. I love when my hair is curled. 

27. I've never ridden a ferris wheel. 

28. I once went 5 months without shaving my legs. Yeah.......

29. I love the beach. More than the mountains. I could spend forever living by the beach. No problem. 

30. My favorite animal is probably a meerkat, but I'm starting to dig cheetahs. 

31. I like to play all sports. I just love sports a lot. 

32. I'm competitive. I'm always up for a challenge. Any sport, or in anything really. 

33. I love country music. 

34. I love to dance. But not like core-graphed dancing. Just random and ridiculous dancing. And mostly by myself (otherwise people make fun of me..or join right in) 

35. I love wearing cowboy boots. I also love wearing norts and oversized tees. 

36. I think wedges and heels are actually comfortable. 

37. I like to fish. But I'm scared to hold the fish.

38. I hate spiders.

39. I had red hair up until I was like three, then it turned blonde.

40. I've been told I can do a mean Grinch if you're lucky you might hear it one day.

41. I love watching college football and NBA basketball games. 

42. I probably laugh at my jokes more than anyone else. Actually, I probs just laugh more than anyone in general. I just love laughing.. A lot.

43. I'm obsessed with sunsets, the moon, contrails, and the stars. I could honestly tell you how pretty they are all day. 

44. I've never really had a pet dog. 

45. I wish I could play the piano super good. I also wish I could speak Spanish or Italian fluently. 

46. I love taking naps. And that's an understatement.

47. My toenails are always painted. 

48. I love doing crafts.

49. I could play soccer at any time. You wanna play a pick up game or just pass around? I'm in.

50. Sometimes I think I care too much about people/things more than they do for me (if that makes sense). But, then I think, isn't that what's life's about..just showing love and care for people. I mean, life's short, why not show people that you really care for them. Make the most out of life. 

51. I'm a huge hopeless romantic. I believe in love. True, passionate, crazy-cute love. 

52. I secretly love surprises. I like being surprised and I like it even better to surprise people.

53. I absolutely love when people play with my hair.