Monday, June 3, 2013


in life we do things.
some we wish we had never done.
some we wish we could replay a million times.
these little moments and experiences make us who we are
they have shaped us into who we are right now, in this very moment.
if we reversed any of them, we wouldn't be the person we are.

so, i am going to share a few things that i have learned thus far in my own life.

i've learned that:

- no matter how old i get, i will always miss my parents when i am away from them
- sometimes life gives me a second chance
- in life, i can't catch everything, i need to be able to throw some things back
- whenever i decide something with an open heart, i usually make the right decision
- even when i have pains, i don't have to be one
- sometimes i may have bad days, but i do not have a bad life
- making a living is not the same thing as making a life
- life doesn't stop for me
- a good laugh and a good long nap can cure anything
- i should take small steps instead of big leaps
- i don't have to win every argument, i can be wrong
- it's okay to cry
- i can't really resist chocolate
- making peace with my past helps me move forward more easy
- i shouldn't compare my life to others
- i should be happy with who i am
- getting rid of the negative things in my life makes room for more positive things
- what doesn't kill me makes me stronger
- running when i'm mad or sad or happy is always beneficial 
- i choose to be happy
- i need to do what i love
- i don't have to please everyone
- every day is a new clean slate
- time heals most wounds; give things time
- believe in the good in people
- sometimes i have to be sassy because it keeps things exciting
- being outside makes me happy
- jealously and envy don't get me anywhere
- it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed
- i shouldn't let yesterday take up to much of today
- i should be quick to forgive
- i should give the world the best i have
-focus on the small things; they are the things that matter the most
- if i have something to say to someone, i should say it 
- it's important to tell the people i love, that i love them, right now and every day
- don't take life's simple pleasures for granted
- my Heavenly Father will NEVER forsake me
- the atonement is real
- my testimony grows each day
- growing up is hard
- i'm still learning things i ought to know by now
- making life decisions can be scary, but it's worth the happiness
- my family will always be there for me, no matter what (they are so dang great)
- the best is yet to come


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  1. Oh you are such a wise lady! I love getting these little glimpses into your life.