Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Post

Welp, welcome to my blog! Quite exciting I know. This is my first post, so I will try to say things of somewhat importance!

I decided to make a blog for 2 reasons:
1-It's easier to write online, than in a journal. (So, you will be reading some thoughts, stories, quotes, etc. from me....get excited!!)
2-I wanted to make my own site, to make it look somewhat cute.

So, this week went by fast. The days went by fast, because I was busy with homework and other fun festivities. But, homework was the main key. Math might be kicking my rear end right now. I have a B in the class, which isn't bad, but an A sounds much better. So, hello math tutor! In my World Foundations II class we are talking about classical music, and I decided, I really like classical music. It is just so soothing and it makes me want to go to a ball and wear a pretty dress...kinda like the one Taylor Swift wears in her music video Love Story.
ps. I love Taylor Swift.
Anyways, I am on a competitive soccer team called the Vikings, and we are, but seriously. We are undefeated. We had a game tonight and played against a team that was a little rough. They broke our teammate's collarbone. So keep her in your prayers! It's a good thing we beat them, or else there would have been a serious beat down after the game. But anyways, I love my team:)

Well, I'm pretty sure I will have more exciting post from now on. I'm just getting started, so cut me some slack!

Oh, and my name is Lizzie :)


  1. Well well well, welcome to the bog world sis! Can't wait to read all your anecdotes!



  2. I love your new blog! Very pretty. I am one of your first followers!