Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend in the Burg


This weekend is Memorial weekend! The past Memorial day weekends, I've always had soccer tournaments out of town, but not this one. I am in Idaho. All my roommates went to Utah for the weekend. It's been kind of nice having the place to myself, but overtime, I think I'd get lonely. And at night it gets a little scary, especially when the wind is blowing really strong. It's different not doing what I usually do for holidays now that I am in college. But, I guess that is the beauty of growing up.

I just updated my weebly site. For those who don't know what weebly is, it's just a site kind of like a blog, but you can add pages and what not. Mine is for a class, but we had to make it for our future class (my major is Elementary Education). Check it out sometime! (just click on "check" and it will take you there).
Anyways, I found a quote that I love, it's "There is no greater gift one human being can give another than the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving and nurturing learning environment." I cannot wait to teach!

A little bangs are getting too long. (please ignore the nerdy mirror picture, it was just easier to capture the longness of my bangs)

Anyways, my good friend Bethany broke her collarbone playing soccer. This crazy girl on the other team ninja-ed the ball in the air and somehow KNEED Bethany in the collarbone, while Bethany was standing up. How could anyone possible knee someone else in the collarbone, while they were standing up you ask? Well, that is a question we will never know. Well, now she can't really work out hard. So I have been going to the gym and biking with her! It has been way fun! We people watch and talk most of the time, so the working out part doesn't seem too hard! It's been way fun getting to know her and becoming better friends with her. Our other friend Alex joined in once. We decided we are going to make a biking crew. It's going to be way fun, I'm excited. We'll take pictures and show you :)

Yesterday, I went and saw Pirates 4 with my friend Rachel in 3D! It was good, but I miss Kiara Knightley and Orlando Bloom. Other than that, it was pretty good!

Today was easy going. Just another bike session with Bethany, then the store to buy some food. I made chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. It's where you make chocolate chip cookies and then put vanilla frosting in the middle. SO delicious. I also took a nice long nap. It was well deserved and needed!

I got to skype my sister yesterday! It was so good talking to her and seeing my nephews! Jack got his first haircut and he looks so grown up! His curls are gone, but he still looks adorable. Baby Max is growing too. He was staring at the screen wondering what was going on. I can't wait to go home and see those little bebes!!

Welp, that's about all for now. Catch ya later!

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